7 tips for capturing your summer

Summer is well known for a time to ease up on the schedules and have some fun. With the kids out of school and family vacations being planned, you know some memories are going to made. Here are some tips to help you capture those memories so that at the end of summer you have full and vivid story told in your photographs.

5 tips for capturing your summer • don't forget the ordinary | © 2016 Stephanie Alys Photography

1 • Do a little thinking

Plan when you can

A little planning always helps. Consider what story you are trying to tell with your images. If there are certain places or activities you'd love to always remember, take note to bring your camera. Then, before you start clicking away, try to be conscientious of what you're trying to capture. Think of certain details, people, and moments that are important or significant, or simply things you never want to forget.

5 tips for capturing your summer story | © 2016 Stephanie Alys Photography

2 • Establish the setting

Paint a picture of where you are

This is especially helpful when you're somewhere new, like a vacation spot. Find creative ways to describe where you are. Objects like maps and roadsigns can pinpoint your location. Objects unique to your locations help color the picture of your setting. Also consider including the weather like a bright blue sky or omnious dark clouds.


5 tips for capturing your summer story | © 2016 Stephanie Alys Photography

3 • Catch the details

Part of your story lies in the details too

A picture tells a story, and part of the story lies in the details. For a moment focus on a beloved stuffed animal, a wildflower bouquet, sandy toes at the beach, or even they way your child is holding a crayon. Remember to capture the details, and your story will be more complete.

5 tips for capturing your summer story | © 2016 Stephanie Alys Photography

4 • Grab a waterproof camera

Take pictures in the water

Having a waterproof camera allows you to remain a part of the action while capturing favorite summer activities like the pool, splash pad, lake, or sprinkler. This gives you the freedom to catch those details up close, get underwater, get creative, and have fun yourself. Attach the wrist strap so you don't have to worry about it slipping from your fingers.


5 tips for capturing your summer story | © 2016 Stephanie Alys Photography

5 • Include the ordinary

Take out your camera on a typical day

It can be easy to remember to grab a snapshots on vacation, or when your kiddo is being especially adorable, but don't forget the day-to-day things that make up your life right now. Every now and again make a point to capture your family on an ordinary day, doing ordinary things like grabbing a snack or playing quietly. What activities typically make up a regular day? You'll want to remember those moments too.

5 tips for capturing your summer story | © 2016 Stephanie Alys Photography

6 • Mama, get in the picture

Moms are an important part of the story

Moms are especially notorious for not being the picture. Sometimes it's because she's the one taking the picture. Other times it's because she's worried about she looks (and swimsuit season can have us all especially self-conscious). But Moms are an important and beautiful part of the story too. So get in the picture, mama, your kids want you in the photographs too.


7 • Print

At the end of summer, create something to keep

Digital images can easily be forgotten, or lost among an overwhelming sea of pictures on our computer. So when the summer is over, create something tangible with your favorite images. Want something quick & easy? Order some prints and fill up a photo album from Target. Are you crafty? Make a scrapbook. Don't have too much time but want to include notes and fun designs? Create a photobook online and order it. Now you'll have something tangible to treasure the memory of this summer with your family.

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