Why I love lifestyle photography

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Lifestyle photography is an artful blending of well-styled traditional photography and fly-on-the-wall captured documentary photography. It is quickly becoming a favorite for both hobbyist & professional photographers, and I am so glad it is because I absolutely love this style of photography.

To me, lifestyle photography goes a step beyond formal, traditional photographs because it tells a story, it sees the splendor in the everyday, and it captures a moment in time. It takes the classic snapshot and with technique, skill, a little style, and a well-trained eye it creates art. Lifestyle photography speaks to my soul, and I love it.

There is so much beauty in the story. So much magic in the ordinary. And there are so many moments that should never be forgotten. Especially when it comes to capturing our loved ones. And I am so grateful that family portraits today are no longer limited to photographs of everyone perfectly posed, staring at the camera, but now also show the love, laughter, and joy that comes with life.

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