New Look

I am elated to share with you the new look for Stephanie Alys Photography! I hope you'll get a chance to explore around here and tell me what you think. I'm not a graphic designer, so this redesign was a labor of love and learning!

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Thank you!

A huge thank you to Promise Tangeman for her insights into website design in The Brandologists four week course. Another giant thank you to my reviewers who volunteered to give my website the once over before revealing it to the rest of the internet.

Behind the scenes

For those of you interested in the process of building a website, let me give you a quick rundown.

Step 1: Brainstorming

This is the fun part! It involved a lot of Pinterest and browsing Creative Market. The biggest tip I learned: quality over quantity! Your "branding board" should only be about 20-something items.

Step 2: Decisions

From picking a template (I picked Squarespace's Avenue) to settling on fonts to choosing colors, I had a lot of decisions to make. I think this was the hardest part for me because I really loved several looks!

Step 3: Create Content

Pictures, graphics, words –time to make the content for the website!

Step 4: Put it all together

Squarespace made this relatively easy, and I'm thankful for that.

Step 5: Review & Launch!

I locked up my website, sent it out to my reviewers, took note of their notes and tweaked a few things... and ta-da! Here it is :)