Hello 2017

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Perhaps the most exciting part of the New Year is the way it brings with it the feeling of a fresh start. The start of a new orbit around the sun seems to inspire people to dream and hope. Resolutions are written, three words are considered, vision boards are made. And if we're lucky, we kick off the new year with a glass of champagne and kiss.

I'll admit, I'm not a big resolutions gal. Every other year I'll write down a few, but I hardly remember them. Yet, as the remaining days of 2016 dwindled away, I became curious. What did I want out of 2017? Did I want a big change? What were my hopes? Did I have any resolutions?

So here I am, writing down what I want in 2017. The things I'm excited about, the dreams that inspire me, and a perspective shift that's long overdue.

Take more pictures of my family

When I started my photography business something happened that I never could have imagined. I took less pictures of my own family. This hit me like a ton of bricks when I began receiving Christmas cards with pictures that I had taken, of families that I loved, and they were beautiful. But I could not even order cards for my own family because I had not taken the time to get good pictures of my kid. Immediately, I "hired" myself. I set a date, I prepped my camera beforehand, did a little staging, and got beautiful pictures of my little ones! So in 2017 I'll be "hiring" myself more often!

Get out there & collaborate

Since 2015 I've wanted to create a "Community over Competition", and I'm finally taking steps to make that a reality (I'll be writing more about that later). Additionally, I have dreams of working with other small business owners around Cypress so I can use my talents to help them if I can, and to create opportunities to meet and work with new faces and places. I'm hoping to inspire and to be inspired! (P.S. If you know of some awesome, creative, and kind small business owners around the Cypress area please drop me a line!)

Trust in God's plan

This one hit me right at the turn of the new year, even though it should have been obvious all along. Once upon a time this wasn't such a hard thing for me. But I think each year of motherhood has chipped away at my trust in God as I started to worry more and stress more (and try to be in control more). But I've heeded God's whispers to me (especially as they got a little louder!), and I've decided to consciously give the reigns to God this year. His plans are always better than my own.

Now I'd like to tie up this New Year's post with a little quote from daughter, said as she fell asleep counting fireworks when 2017 arrived:

Five, Six,
That's seven,
That's eight!
That's nine!
Fireworks make me happy.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Fireworks!
Happy New Year everyone!