Some of the best advice I've been given

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In 2014 I signed up for a half marathon on a whim. It wouldn't be my first half marathon, but in my previous race experience I lived in Los Angeles (aka perfect running weather year-round), I only had to take care of myself, and I was in pretty decent shape. Now I was facing a Houston summer, I was a new mommy to a very cute baby girl, and I was still carrying my baby weight.

So when I realized I had just signed up for a half marathon, and it had been years since I had even run a mile, I began to question my sanity.

I felt like I was looking up at a giant wall and I began to think I had set an impossible goal. So I reached out to an old colleague of mine who was an experienced marathoner and who had helped me plan my training for my previous two half marathons. I asked him if he had any advice. And in google chat message I got some the best advice I've ever been given:

Put your shoes on and get out the door

So simple. The next morning I did exactly that. I ran 1/4 of mile, walked 3/4 of a mile. Eventually I was running 3 miles, eventually I hit 6, and 10, and 11. Then, the week before the race arrived, the stomach bug hit my household. My daughter was sick, and then my husband, and then myself. I didn't even make it the race.

But in the end that didn't really matter to me because in the months of training I not only lost the baby weight and gained a heap of confidence, I learned a lesson that I have now carried into every other daunting task I've set before myself.

When goals seem scary, maybe even impossible, I have to set aside the fear and the doubt and "put my shoes on" and take that first step in the direction of my dreams. And sometimes that's the scariest part of the journey. And even if that end goal doesn't happen exactly how I envisioned, there's a lot to be gained I in the process of moving towards it.

So now I ask you: What goal do you have that feels impossible? And what do you have to do to "put your shoes on and get out the door"?


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