Coming Soon: New Collections & Pricing

Stephanie Alys Photography | Cypress TX Photographer

I can hardly believe spring is less than a week away. Wasn't it just Valentine's day? The calendar's telling me we're already halfway through March. The bluebonnets suggest that spring is practically here.

While winter is probably my favorite season (comfy clothes and cozy nights with a blanket and hot beverage –yes please!), there is plenty I look forward to with Spring. As I look at my window right now I see my tomato plants growing, the backyard freshly mulched, and oodles of green.

This Spring I'm introducing new collections and pricing. I've been giddy to put all that I've learned about Client's preferences into these collections. A few collections will be lightly touched (The Favorite is a Favorite for a reason!), but I'm also introducing some entirely new ones. 

These changes come March 20th. Just like Spring :)