4 simple tips for capturing your vacation

Some of the best advice I've been given when it has come to capturing my own family is this:

The best camera to use is the one you have on you.

That is to say, don't be discouraged that you don't have the best or even your best camera on you. If you want to document something with photographs, use what you got. The pictures I'm sharing today were taken with my old Canon Rebel (i.e. not my professional camera) & my camera phone. You can apply all these tips to whatever camera you have.

1. Capture the setting

Step back

© 2017 Stephanie Alys Photography | Cypress TX Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This can be hard when you have little ones you have to keep a hold of at all times; trust me, I know that all too well. But if for a moment you find yourself alone with your camera/phone and everyone else is "taken care of", fall back for a moment and let the setting overtake your subject. It will answer that question Where were you? and your little ones will look so sweet & small in the big world around them.

2. Capture the moment

Be a fly on the wall

© 2017 Stephanie Alys Photography

Candids. They are almost everyone's favorite. They are the photos that bring you right back to the moment years later. Pictures of everyone smiling at the camera are great, but sometimes be less of a director and more of an documenter. In addition to the fun portraits, capture a moment.

3. Capture the family

Sometimes selfies save the day!

© 2017 Stephanie Alys Photography

I am the worst at following this tip. Like so many moms –I'm the one behind the camera and not the one in front of it! But what do you do when no one can take a picture of the whole family? Well, this mom just discovered selfie mode can really save the day when it comes to getting a picture of the whole family! Sorry for taking it when you were sleeping, babe...I'll do better next time!

4. Capture the memory

Put your camera down

It's so wonderful to have a wealth of pictures to capture your vacation; just don't let it interfere with your vacation. I know the, "I never want to forget this" feeling. But sometimes you have to remember to truly live the moment. Trust that a few good pictures that capture the setting, the moment, and the family will be enough to capture your vacation. Let your memory capture the rest.

© 2017 Stephanie Alys Photography

Bonus tip: don't forget to print a few pictures so they don't get lost in a sea of digitals on your computer. Or maybe make a photobook documenting your summer. Shutterfly gives you the option to add a pocket in the back where you can put little mementos like ticket stubs or clippings.


All images © 2017 Stephanie Alys Photography