Newborn Card Design Center

Welcome to the Newborn Card Design Center for Stephanie Alys Photography! Here I lead you step by step as we design your newest addition's newborn announcement. I hope to make this process a little easier for you. Once you make your choices the design and ordering is all in my hands, and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your sweet baby in real life.


1 • Choose your card design

You can mix and match your designs as you prefer. For example, a popular choice is actually:

Front: Carson - Front
Back: Aiden - Back

Scroll down to see more options or head to & pick another design

"Aiden" by hummingbird Press

for horizontal cards


Aiden - Front

Aiden - Back


"Carson" by hazy sky designs

for horizontal cards


Carson - Front

Carson - Back


"eleonor williams" by birdesign

For horizontal cards.


Eleonor - Front

Eleonor - Back


" Lauren Grace Smith "by birdesign

For vertical cards.


Lauren - Front

Lauren - Back


2 • choose your images

Once you have decided on your card design, head to your gallery and pick out the images you want on it. You can send me the file names of your picks, or you can simply create a separate favorite's list titled "Card Choices"


3 • choose your font design (Optional)

If you would like for your baby's name to have extra pizzazz on your card than what's shown, take a look at these fun fonts and tell me what you like! Download this PDF for the full list of fonts.


4 • choose your paper + envelope type

The most popular paper choices are:

  • 100% Recycled - A slightly brighter, matte look & finish. Great eco-friendly option or for those looking for something a little different.
  • 120# Cover Stock - For more vibrant colors and a more traditional announcement card look and finish.

Full list of papers with detailed descriptions:

Envelopes come in White, Kraft, & Pearl. Please note that pearl cards are a bit more difficult to write on.


5• send me your choices

Please send me a detailed email with your selections. You can copy & paste this list, fill it out, and send it my way :)

Baby's Details
Date of Birth:
Time of Birth:

Card Choices
Front Choice:
Back Choice:
Font Choice - for baby (optional):
Font Choice - for family members (optional):
Alternate text (optional):
Paper Type:
Envelope Type:

Picture Choices (if not sending me a favorite's list)
Main Picture:
Supporting Pictures:


6 • review & order

Once I complete your card design I will send it for you to review. Please review it carefully, including details. Once you sign off on the card, I will order your set of cards and have them shipped directly to your door!